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Learn more about multiplexed imaging:

CO-Detection by indEXing (CODEX)The PhenoCycler Solution

Akoya Academy Virtual Training on CODEXPhenoCycler and PhenoImager Workflows

Spatialomics seminar series talks


Multiplexed imaging system composed from CODEX fluidics instrument that is connected to fluorescence KEYENCE BZ-X810 microscope.

The multiplexing capability of CODEX technology is based on CODEX barcoding technology, each CODEX antibody is conjugated to a unique oligonucleotide sequence that is complementary to a unique CODEX reporter.

The CODEX system can imagine a panel of ~40 antibodies on the same tissue section in one experiment.

Antibodies for Human FFPE/ FF or Mouse FF samples can be bought from CODEX Akoya or manually conjugated to CODEX barcodes.

The system provides single-cell resolution down to 600 nm, imaging area of 15.2X15.2 mm2, and equipped with Nikon Plan Apo Lamda 20x air objective NA 0.75 and automated, motorized stage with X, Y, Z capabilities.

for more detailed information visit the CODEX site:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How can I visualize the data on my pc?

download QuPath

  • How to add marker names to the final QPTIFF file?

 Go to your data folder (D: fusion: ..) → temp folder → “marker list” → copy (Ctrl A_Ctrl C)

Open QuPath → open marker list →select all (Ctrl A) → paste (Ctrl V)


Sample preparation:

Please note that the sample should be sliced on a special polylysine-coated coverglass! - contact the cell observatory unit for more info.

To install the MAV plugin in Fiji follow the instructions here:

CODEX Software Analysis Suite