BioImg Storage Server system how-to

When starting to work with Bioimaging system for the first time

Please make sure you have UNIX ID added to your WIS ID (you can check it with your unit administrator)

Step-by-step guide

On the Device's Computer

  • Create a subfolder named your “userID” under “USER_DATA” folder on computer connected to the device.
  • Save all your data in subfolders under “userID” folder. In general the rule of thumb is to create subfolder for each experiment.  Raw data (eg: .lsm, .czi files) files that are saved directly under “userID” (and not within subfolders) will not be copied.
  • Use only the letters digits and -_. In file and folder names. Special characters like ~!@#$%^&*()`;’:<>,/?[]{}  are not allowed , and files including them are not copied.
  • The data will be copied automatically to BioImging system. The current copy times are: 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00. Don’t turn off the computer. If the computer is off we cannot copy the data.
  • Once your data is copied you’ll get notification email (except for first time)

To Access the data from your Own Computer

  • You need to enter from a web browser using your regular WIS credentials and assign the experiment to a project (we call it: “Annotate raw data”)
  • You can use “Edit Annotation” to add information about the experiment
  • To access the data you need to access your virtual disk on BioImg by mapping a network drive (on PC)
  • Right mouse click on "My Computer\This Computer" and then on "Map Network Drive", at folder pane type - "\\\userID", check “connect using other credentials” and “connect at login”
  • At security prompt type “bioimg\userID” for username and Your Biomg password.  Note the default BioImg password is different from your regular password (contact us for assistance). You can change the default BioImg password to your regular one (or another password) using the preferences page on the website
  • To access your data from MAC please go to “Go” and select “connect to server". Please type “smb://” and click connect, please use your "userID" for user and Your Biomg password. 

Sharing your Data with someone else on campus

  • From BioImg web application (, select Edit Annotation,
  • Click the List Experiments button,
  • Click on the pencil icon on the left side of the experiment name
  • Select the Sharing Tab,
  • You can share either a single experiment or a all the (current and future) experiments within a given project  
  • Type the userid of the person you want to share your experiment with. and click Share with this user. Typing 3 letters from the name will help you search for the userid. 

Sharing your data with someone out of the Weizmann campus

From BioImg web application ( Send data by email . this will zip your selected experiments, copy them to an FTP server and send the link to the specified email address.