Image Data Repositories: Where can I put my image data for publication?

Image Data Resource (IDR) is an online, public data repository seeks to store, integrate and serve image datasets from published scientific studies. We have collected and are continuing to receive existing and newly created “reference image" datasets that are valuable resources for a broad community of users, either because they will be frequently accessed and cited or because they can serve as a basis for re-analysis and the development of new computational tools. gives up to 50GB per dataset (if you need larger space, you can split in two or contact them to unite to one). is unlimited (for public sharing, but 5GB per file in collection), Free, easy, CERN-backed. 

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Image result for gigascience database

Harvard data repository. Require a Data Note article describing it, 100GB is easily handled by our GigaDB repository and curation and hosting included., free and can get a DOI for your data

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