LifeCanvas SmartClear II

Optical clearing:

For optimization of the optical path through the sample, the tissue/sample handling involves clearing and refractive index matching. As part of our sample preparation assistance, water based clearing protocols (such as CLARUTY/SWITCH) can be done in the unit, using the following automated devices:
*Attached you can find the relevant protocol and references.

SmartClear II: We have recently purchased the Smart Clear II from Life canvas technologies (, based on Stochastic Electrotransport method. Clearing using this technology, besides the significant reduction in preparation time (from~2 weeks to ~2 days, depending on tissue type) should result in less damage to the tissue and higher signal preservation. Alongside, we provide also the relevant buffers: Clearing buffers (Smart clear A+B) and optical clearing buffer (Easy Index).

Easy Clear: With the EasyClear, up to 10 samples in 50mL tubes can be placed for washing simultaneously, each at a different temperature*. The shaking conditions can be controlled from gentle to more aggressive frequencies.

*Temperature range: 30-90degC.


SmartClear II: