Volocity Installation and Instructions

Below you can find instruction for downloading and using Volocity in campus. Please contact ofra.golani@weizmann.ac.il to get authorization to use the software.

Each user should use his own regular WIS userid. The default password is “1234”, and you’ll be asked to change it on the first usage.

Make sure to close the program when you are done. We have limited number of licenses and once you are connected other people cannot use it

(especially if you choose the quantitation module or quantitation + visualization).

The software is NOT under maintenance agreement so the latest version from the website will not work
The latest version supported for us is 6.1.1.  You’ll get a message about it when you open the software. Just click OK and ignore it.
This version can be download from the following links:  (we don’t have support for the latest version from website)
http://cellularimaging.perkinelmer.com/downloads/files/Volocity6.1.1.pkg.zip    (Mac)
http://cellularimaging.perkinelmer.com/downloads/files/Volocity6.1.1(64bit).msi (Win 64bit)
http://cellularimaging.perkinelmer.com/downloads/files/Volocity6.1.1(32bit).msi (Win 32bit)

or here

To see who is currently using the software (eg if you don't have a license available) see: http://microarray2.weizmann.ac.il:15003/