Turn ON CD7

How do I start?

  1. Turn OFF the computer.

  2. Turn ON the microscope

  3. Wait until the microscope is fully loaded

  4. Turn ON the computer

  5. Enter ZEN software

  6. Turn on incubation if needed (put the pump level on “5”)

  7. “SAMPLE” tab:

    1. chose the correct sample carrier (blue arrow)

    2. Clean the plate bottom with Ethanol. Make sure the plate is not cracked and is free from debris.

  8. Place the sample in the sample carrier and place it in the tray. **make sure you put it in the right orientation A1”.

  9. Click “LOAD SAMPLE”

  10. Once the loading is done, a “CarrierOverview” image and a “Navigation” tab will be created on the Acquisition tab.

  11. “ACQUISITION” tab: go to “smart setup”

  12. Chose camera “selected detector”

    1. Axiocam 506: CMOS, 2.3 MP: 1920 (H) x 1216 (V), pixel size 5.86 μm x 5.86 μm. Fast, more sensitive for weak signals but noisier with lower resolution.

    2. Axiocam 702: CCD, 6 Megapixel: 2752 (H) × 2208 (V), pixel size 4.54 μm x 4.54 μm. Low noise, high-quality image but slow.

  13. Chose channels by clicking “+” and “Add” at the end

  14. Set intensity and exposure time values per each channel: 10% and 100 ms exposure time is a good start

  15. Start visualizing by clicking “LIVE.”

  16. Focus (hold Ctrl and scroll) at low magnification and then go to higher magnifications if needed.

  17. Build your experiament:

    1. Add Z-Stack

    2. Add Tiles

    3. Add Time Series

    4. Use the right Focus Strategy

  18. Save the data in data (D :) “Data_Bioimg.”

    → open folder with your Weizmann user name

    → open a new folder with the date

    → save the data