Light Sheet - LaVision Ultra Microscope

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Instruction Manual

UltraMicroscope II – A User Guide

Learn more about clearing methods:

  1. If it's the first time, you can start by reading the following paper: Ariel, P. (2017). A beginner’s guide to tissue clearing. The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology84, 35-39.

  2. The table that compares different methods: Richardson, D. S., & Lichtman, J. W. (2017). SnapShot: tissue clearing. Cell, 171(2), 496-496.

  3. Water-based clearing protocols (such as CLARITY/SWITCH), can be done in the unit, using the LifeCanvas SmartClear II.

  4. iDISCO method

  5. PEGASOS method

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