Light Sheet - LaVision Ultra Microscope

Learn more about LaVision Ultra Microscope:

Instruction Manual

UltraMicroscope II – A User Guide

Learn more about clearing methods:

  1. If it's the first time, you can start by reading the following paper: Ariel, P. (2017). A beginner’s guide to tissue clearing. The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology84, 35-39.

  2. The table that compares different methods: Richardson, D. S., & Lichtman, J. W. (2017). SnapShot: tissue clearing. Cell, 171(2), 496-496.

  3. Water-based clearing protocols (such as CLARITY/SWITCH), can be done in the unit, using the LifeCanvas SmartClear II.

  4. iDISCO method

  5. PEGASOS method

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I save and access my data?

At the end of the experiment, save the data in the “SWAP (z:)” driver.

Once the data is synchronized in the sever, connect to one of the following workstations: Bali/Maldives/Jamaica/Bahamas.

On the workstation desktop find and click on the script “map SWAP“.

Next, transfer your data from SWAP to the gpfs0(G) disk (ESS) in the following manner:

Open driver G.

Go to the “Labs” folder, open the folder of your PI, open a folder with your Weizmann user name.

Copy data from SWAP to the “Raw_Data” folder.

Before you delete the data from SWAP make sure that the data is fully copied and opens in the relevant analysis software. Also, note that only the “Raw_Data” and “Analyzed_Data” folders are backed up.

Please note that only data acquired on the Lightsheet microscopes can be stored on the gpfs disk (ESS). No other data is allowed on this gpfs disk !!!

For Data organization on the ESS, please refer to ESS Guidelines

  • stitching

Suitable for morphological studies of large samples (max 10*10*50 mm) cleared using water or organic solvents (RI:1.33-1.56).

Provides fast 3D imaging with a Z resolution of ~5µm.

A. Objectives:

  1. Zoom Body  (0.63 X-6.3X) WD 6mm (depends on the dipping cup). Equipped with an Olympus MVPLAPO 2X/0.5. Final magnification (1.3X – 12.6)

  2. Infinity corrected single-lens. LVMI-fluor 4X/0.3 (Zoom optional to 8X) WD 5.7mm.

  3. 1.3 air/dipping for an overview

B. Camera:

sCMOS at 16bit

C. Excitation/Emission filters:

Excitation filter Emission Filter

470\40 525\50

514\10 595\40

545\25 595\40

560\40 630\75

640\30 690\50

710\75 810\90

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